Responses to a recent FLIC questionnaire

"We have no cinema within 20 miles of us, and FLIC gives us a night out at a good price that all ages can afford. It gives us an opportunity to see all the top films and somewhere as ladies we can go on our own and feel safe. I have lived in Launceston all my life and it's nice to see the Town Hall being used in this way. Tonight I am watching a film with the Town Hall filled. So what an asset this is to our little town! Long may it continue."

"FLIC draws people of different backgrounds together. Screening the films in the local Town Hall makes good use of this municipal building. It enables local people, who do not have easy access to tansport, to enjoy current films."

"Launceston lost it's cinema many years ago. Our nearest cinema is in Okehampton, Plymouth or Poundstock. FLIC shows a good selection of well known films, the Town Hall is central to the town with parking close by. The volunteers are most friendly and welcoming. The FLIC performances are now a regular date in our diary."

"FLIC gives us a great social evening. Good for the community. Very good for Launceston. Not much else going on!"

"FLIC provides regular up to date entertainment without the need to travel 25 miles to do so. FLIC is a well organised local asset."